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Brookdale shortstop Joe Post (left) and Camden coach Kenny Bouillon receive majjor awards
Baseball - Fri, May 4, 2012
Lincroft, NJ - In a vote of head coaches, Brookdale sophomore shortstop Joe Post was named the 2012 Division III Baseball Player of the Year and Camden head coach Kenny Bouillon was named the 2012 Coach of the Year, as the All-Region teams were announced today. 
The following three All-Region teams are listed below:

First Team All-Region

Catcher            Zach Passerelle, Gloucester

Pitcher             Brenden Stout, Camden

Pitcher             Rich Gabriel, Brookdale

Infield              Joe Post, Brookdale

Infield              Mike Tenaglia, Northampton

Infield              Tom Kain, Gloucester

Infield              Mike Brito, Bergen

Outfield           Eric Barbieri, Gloucester

Outfield           Dan Nieves, Brookdale

Outfield            Adrian Gonzalez, Camden

DH                  Ryan Drew, Brookdale


Second Team All-Region

Catcher           Steve Gallagher, Camden

Pitcher            Jeff Singer, Gloucester

Pitcher            Chris Yurick, Cumberland

Infield              Pedro Sanchez, Camden

Infield              Mike Rizzo, Bergen

Infield              Kevin Needham, Gloucester

Infield              Javier Pepin, Cumberland

Outfield           Kevin Catherina, Bergen

Outfield           Tyler Gregg, Montgomery

Outfield           Jon Delvalle, Ocean

DH                  Joey Mazzo, Bergen
Third Team All-Region

Catcher            Jonathan DeJesus, Northampton

Pitcher             Matt Smith, Northampton

Pitcher             James DiPiazza, Ocean

Infield              Matt Cesare, Middlesex

Infield              Kyle Gaffney, Montgomery

Infield              Dave Egeland, Brookdale

Infield              Luke Root, Camden

Outfield           Joe Henderson, Brookdale

Outfield           Mark Ferrier, Lehigh Carbon

Outfield           Rocco Badiali, Atlantic Cape

DH                  Jim Norris, Atlantic Cape