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Garden State - Wed, Feb. 26, 2014

North Branch, NJ--  The Garden State Athletic Conference has announced their All-Conference Teams for Men's and Women's Basketball:

Men's Basketball Division II - 1st Team All-Conference

Marvin Crawford            Raritan Valley Community College

Dion Rogers                  Essex County College

Chris Compas               Essex County College

Ryan Harris                   County College of Morris

Louis Baltazar               Burlington Community College

Tyrea Williams               Salem Community College

Desmond Cotton           Raritan Valley Community College

Men's Basketball Division II – 2nd Team All-Conference

Samson Akano              Essex County College

Dashante Alexander       Mercer County College

David Johnson              Mercer County College

Orron Smullen               Salem Community College

Hanif Holloway              Raritan Valley Community College

Daren Alexander            Salem Community College

Tabu Gaither                 Burlington County College

Men's Basketball Division III – 1st Team All-Conference

Joe Nickerson               Brookdale County College

Jesse Jones                  Passaic County College

Shawn Wilson               Atlantic Cape Community College

Shaquille Mitchell           Union County College

Cory Soanes                 Brookdale County College

Anthony Walker             Ocean County College

Hikeem Pruitt                Cumberland County College

Shawn Russell              Camden County College

Men's Basketball Division III – 2nd Team All-Conference

David Rosado               Brookdale County College

Jaquan Pearyer             Middlesex County College

Nick Lawson                 Gloucester County College

Marcus Freeney             Middlesex County College

Andy Etienne                 Union County College

Ruben Acosta               Bergen County Community College

Craig Tomkins               Sussex County College

Olajuwon Rainner          Cumberland County College

Women's Basketball Division II - 1st Team All-Conference

Cierra Wilson                 Burlington County College

Alyson Oostdyk             County College of Morris

Emma Block                 Essex County College

Shaqui Coppage            Salem Community College

Zhane Robinson            Union County College

Alexis Bell                     Essex County College

Taryn Vinson-Ellis          Burlington County College

Women's Basketball Division II – 2nd Team All-Conference

Aliyah Muhammad         Union County College

Naomi Saunders            Salem Community College

Morgan Cullen               Mercer County College

Erin Sobkowiak             Mercer County College

DeShonna Prescott        Burlington County College

Monique Lusby              Salem Community College

Samantha Chirichello     County College of Morris

Women's Basketball Division III – 1st Team All-Conference

Kamari Talley                Camden County College

Marya Trapp                  Brookdale County College

Quorea Pearyer             Middlesex County College

Artaeja Loatman            Cumberland County College

Chardae Ducille             Gloucester County College

Kyra Lunsford                Cumberland County College

Corinne Morgan             Ocean County College

Jennifer Shereyka          Middlesex County College

Women's Basketball Division III – 2nd Team All-Conference

Paxton Reddington        Brookdale County College

Mary Haines                  Bergen County Community College

Jodi Kelley                    Cumberland County College

Coby Johnson               Passaic County College

Janea Clark                   Middlesex County College

Keymadah Swann          Passaic County College

Siani Blackson              Camden County College

D'Andrea Watson           Passaic County College