Champions of Character

Champions of Character Institutional Award Past Winners

2014-15 - Northampton Community College 
2013-14 - Ocean County College 
2012-13 - Ocean County College & Brookdale Community College
2011-12 - Montgomery County Community College
2010-11 - Brookdale Community College

Nominating Procedure

1. Any Region XIX member institution in good standing may submit a nomination package to the Chair of the Awards Committe by the declared deadline date. 

2. The packet should include the following:

     a. How the institution intentionally implements the Champions of Character philosophy in their intercollegiate athletic program.

     b. A listing of the on-campus and community leadership projects and the involvement efforts of student-athletes and staff.

     c. Any supporting letters from off-campus entities. 


     d.  Ejection and yellow/red card reports

     e.  Technical foul reports


Criteria for Selection

1. The nominated institution clearly demonstrates outstanding results in character development of its student-athletes and coaches by embracing the true spirit of competition through the five core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, servant leadership and sportsmanship. 

2. The nominated institution demonstrates outstanding involvement in the community, which results in positive character development through sport. 

Selection Procedure

1.  Nomination packet should be sent to the Chair of the Awards Committee by the declared deadline. 

2. The Award Committee will review all nominations and choose the most outstanding package. 

3. The Region XIX Champions of Character Institutional Award winner will be presented a the Annual Region XIX Fall Meeting. 

4. The winning institution will receive a perpetual trophy that will remain at the institution for one year.  

5. The winning institution is responsible for getting their college's name engraved on the trophy and returning it to the annual Fall meeeting. 


6/27/2016 (TT)