GSAC Bylaws

Garden State Athletic Conference - By-Laws



Section 1.
The annual dues for membership in The Garden State Athletic Conference shall be determined each year.

Section 2.
Colleges that have not paid continuous membership in the Conference shall be assessed $100.00 for reinstatement in addition to the membership fee, and a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The annual dues of each member shall be payable on or before September 1 of the same calendar year in order to participate in all legislative and competitive activities sponsored by the Conference. Under extenuating circumstances, a college may become a member after September 1 with the approval of the Executive Committee.


Section 1.
Each member college shall be entitled to one vote at all officially constituted meetings.


Article III


Section 1.
Two-thirds of the officially designated representatives of member colleges shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.




Section 1. The Elective Officers and their Duties.

A.) President
1. Preside at all regular meetings, executive meetings, and all special meetings.
2. Make decisions on all points not covered by the constitution.
3. Delegate responsibility for handling all duties not provided for in the constitution.
4. Represent or delegate someone to represent the Conference when necessary.
5. Appoint advisory committees for all sports conducted by the Conference. Their duties shall be to recommend to the Executive Committee for final action of the following:
a. Rules and regulations governing competition in that sport.
b. Methods of selecting All-Conference teams.
c. General conduct of Conference Championship contests.
6. Appoint representatives of member institutions to represent the Conference at all Conference Championship contests.
7. Cast the deciding ballot in all Conference meetings in the event of a tie vote on any motion, but shall not vote to break a tie in the election of any Conference Officers.

B.) Vice-President
1. Preside at all meetings in the absence of the President.
2. Assist the President by supervising the work of all standing and special committees.
3. Serve as a member of the Executive Committee.
4. As Chairman of the Committee on Membership, recommend policies and procedures for recruiting new members.
5. The Vice-President will assume office of the President if the President is unable to serve.
6. Keep on file the official correspondence to which he and the president are a party.
7. Keep the president informed of all matters and correspondence relative to the affairs of the Conference.
8. Keep a record of all minutes of meeting of the Conference, and the Executive Committee.
9. Updates Constitution and By-laws, other than operating codes to reflect changes approved by the Board of Directors

C.) Treasurer
1. Maintain a record of membership in the Conference.
2. Provide the Executive Committee and member colleges with a membership list of the Association, not later than November 1 of each calendar year.
and forwards revised copies of same to all members.
3. Secure and provide stationery and printed forms for the Conference.
4. Keep a complete record of all finances.
5. Sign all checks.
6. Submit yearly a properly audited financial statement to the membership.
7. Establish a bank account in the name of the Conference.
8. Expend funds as budgeted on as approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 2 The Athletic Directors and/or approved Athletic Representatives of member institutions shall comprise the membership of the Board of Directors.


Section 1
The rules of eligibility as adopted by Region XIX of the National Junior College Athletic Association shall apply.

Section 2 - Ejections
A.) An athlete in any GSAC contest who is ejected for any reason must sit the next game. An ejection for fighting/violent conduct carries a two game suspension. If the ejection occurs in the last game of the season and or playoff game the suspension will carry into the following season of eligibility used in this sport.
B.) If a coach is ejected from a GSAC contest and there is no approved Board of Trustees representative designated by the college present, the game is terminated and forfeited at that point. The first ejection for a coach he/she is issued a warning. After the second ejection in the same season the coach must sit the next game. If the second ejection occurs in the last game of the season and or playoff game, the suspension will carry into the next season.
C.) If the current rulebook for a sport carries stricter penalties than stated in a GSAC Operating Code, that penalty shall prevail

Article VI - Order of Business

Section 1
All meetings shall subscribe to the following order of business to include Robert Rules of Order.
a.) Reading of minutes of the previous meeting
b.) Treasurers Report
c.) Report of officers and committees
d.) Old business
e.) New business
f.) Adjournment


Article VII - Conference Championships


Section 1
Garden State Athletic Conference Championships shall be determined by the best won lost record of the member colleges competing against other members of the Conference according to the guidelines established in the current operating codes.


Article VIII - Operating Codes


Section 1 - Codes
Cross Country
Indoor Track
Track and Field
Standards & Ethics


Article IX - Sport Committees

Section 1
Membership: Three (3) directors of athletics and two (2) head coaches. Athletic directors not to be coaches of the sport.

Section 2
Officers: Chairman (an athletic director selected by Athletic Directors.)

Section 3
Meetings: As required, to be called by chairman or by three of the members.

Section 4
a. Maintain team records to determine Conference Championship.
b. Determine and announce Conference Champions. Done through conference publicist when one is employed.
c. Select and announce the All-Conference team for the sport.
d. Arrange tournament/playoff pairings and schedule.
e. Provide for officials for tournament/playoff games as needed.
f. Recommend operating code rules and/or changes to Board of Directors.
g. Serve as the appeal group in protest matters in the sport.

Article X

Section 1
The by-laws of the Garden State Athletic Conference may be amended at any meeting of the Board of Directors by a majority affirmative vote of a quorum, provided proposed changes had been sent to each college at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

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