GSAC Awards

Garden State Athletic Conference - Awards

Section 1 - Championship Team Awards
The following sports shall be awarded an 18-inch plaque with a 4" X 8" engraved plate: The Garden State Athletic Conference overall winner of: Blue Division II and Gold Division III. A Division must have three or more teams participate for championship.
  • Baseball (Blue-Division and Gold Division)
  • Basketball (Men's and Women's Blue Division II Men's Gold Division III North & South and Women's Gold Division)
  • Cross Country (Men and Women)
  • Golf
  • Soccer (Men's and Women's Blue and Gold Division)
  • Tennis (Men and Women)
  • Wrestling
  • Volleyball (Women)
  • Softball (Blue Division and Gold Division)
  • Track (Men and Women)
  • Swimming

In case of any ties, multiple championship plaques shall be awarded. Each team will be designated as champion.
All approved awards are to be paid by the Garden State Athletic Conference.

Section II - Individual Champion Awards
A.) Individual Championship trophies shall be purchased for the first place finisher in:

  • Cross Country
  • Golf

The trophy will be ordered by the host school and presented at the tournament.

B.) Individual Championship medals shall be presented at the time of the championship tournament for the following sports: Cross Country: (Men and Women) To be engraved on the back - Cross Country - Year and Places. One (1) Silver to 2nd place finisher Eight (8) Bronze to 3rd-10th place finishers Total - 9 medals Golf: To be engraved on the back - Golf - Year and Places Four (4) Silver - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5thFive (5) Bronze - 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Total - 9 medals
The above medals will be paid out of tournament entry fees.

C.) Individual Honor Certificates
1. Appropriate certificates shall be presented to "All- Conference" team members and their institutions.

  • Baseball - 1st and 2nd team - three outfielders, four infielders, two pitchers, one catcher, one D.H. (In each Division)
  • Basketball (Men and Women) - 1st and 2nd team in each Division
  • Cross Country - First ten (10) finishers
  • Golf - First ten (10) finishers
  • Soccer - As per article and Operating Code V:C
  • Softball (Women) - 1st and 2nd team - three outfielders, four infielders, two pitchers, two catchers, one utility player and one DP in each Division
  • Swimming and Diving - First in each event
  • Tennis (Men and Women) - First in Singles and Doubles
  • Track - First place winners in all events
  • Volleyball (Women) - 1st and 2nd team
  • Wrestling - First and second place winners in all NCAA weight classes.

2. In case of a tie, duplicate awards will be presented.
3. Individual certificates will be paid for by the conference.
4. In order to have a second team there must be at least five (5) teams participating in thedivision.
5. Coach of the Year - Certificates will be awarded in all GSAC Sponsored Sports. (Where three or more teams compete in any given year in each Division.)

D.) Individual Special Award
1. The outgoing President of the Garden State Athletic Conference shall receive a 13-inch plaque for services rendered.
2. Paul Cannon Memorial Award Individual trophy is given to the athlete and a rotating plaque with the student's name will be kept at the school of the outstanding athlete. (All individual awards will be contingent upon a tournament being held.)

E.) Approved Awards Plaques: 13 inch - Conference Medal & 18-inch -Trophy Co.
P.O. Box 831
North Falmouth, MA 02556
Trophy: Paul Cannon "
Medals: 1 1/2" in height Conference Medal & Trophy Co.
P.O. Box 831
North Falmouth, MA 02556

The names and achievements are to be sent to the awards committee chairperson. They will be presented to the G.S.A.C. Athletic Directors for approval at each spring meeting.

Criteria for Awards

  • 1. Past Presidents
    a. Plaque upon retirement
  • 2. Retirement recognition for administrators, coaches, trainers, S.I.D.'s, etc. (These awards shall be the responsibility of the institution's Athletic Director and at the institution's expense)
    a. Special Service Award 10 years, 15 years & 20 years (GSAC recommends a watch)
    (These awards shall be the responsibility of the institution's Athletic Director and at the institution's expense)
  • 3. National, regional or state recognition's. (Someone who has been singled out by a group, organization, civic group, etc.)
  • 4. Coaching milestone for 100, 200 victories, etc. Certificate awarded.
  • 5. Certificates will be awarded in the following sports: Indoor & Outdoor Track, Golf, Cross Country, Wrestling, Swimming, and Ice Hockey for those coaches serving five years in their respective sport and they will continue to be honored in five year increments (5, 10, 15, etc.)
  • 6. Non-member recognition - someone who has contributed to the G.S.A.C. with outstanding service. (Newspapers, writers, officials, groups, assignors, etc.) Standard plaque with appropriate inscription.


  • 1. The plaque will be the Garden State 12 X 16 inch with beveled edges at the listed cost from
    Conference Medal Company in Pocasset, Mass.
  • 2. A person who qualifies for any 10 years of service to the G.S.A.C., all assignment and dates to be listed on the award.
  • 3. A person is entitled to one plaque per lifetime regardless of number of sports they coached.
  • 4. Accepted terminology and format for the plaque:
    Individual' Name _____________ ____________________
    College or Organization ___________ _____________ ________
    Accepted Terminology: In recognition of your contribution to the Garden State Athletic Conference Service and Years
    _________________ _______ to ___________
    _________________ _______ to ___________
  • 5. The responsibility of the award and the presentation will be that of the Institution's Athletic Director.
  • 6. The Desk Set award will be a 6 X 9 inch desk set with one pen and holder, a 4 X 6 inch brass plate with New Jersey State Medal, engraved with: Name: _______; Organization ___________; Terminology: (same as plaque); Service and years: __________.

Date Approved: 3/01/06
Last Revision: 3/01/06