GSAC Cross Country Sport Code

Garden State Athletic Conference - Cross Country

Section I
The G.S.A.C. Men's and Women's Conference Meet can be held one week prior to the Region XIX Championship Meet. Women's race to be run first on even-numbered years. Men's race to be run first on odd- numbered years. In the event that a GSAC Championship Meet is not held, a GSAC Champion will be named based on the results of the Region XIX Championship meet, provided that 3 full GSAC teams competed.

Section II
Colleges wishing to host the G.S.A.C. Conference Meet should submit their request at the winter meeting of the Garden State Athletic Conference.

Section III - Officials
The host school will direct the meet and obtain a minimum of two (2) certified officials to insure proper administration of the race. These officials shall not be drawn from coaches who have teams participating in the race.

Section IV - Awards
1. A team plaque for men and women will be awarded to the first place team and they shall be named G.S.A.C. Cross Country Champions from the results of the Championship Meet.
2. A trophy will be awarded to the Individual Champion in each race.
3. Silver medals will be awarded to the second place finishers.
4. Bronze medals will be awarded to the third through tenth place finishers.
5. The first five finishers in the G.S.A.C. Conference Meet will be named to the First Team All-Conference Team with certificates awarded to the individual and the college. Sixth through tenth place finishers will be named to the Second Team All-GSAC.

Section V - Course Lay-out
1. Men's Course - 5-mile course or its metric equivalent - 5000 meters. (NJCAA Approved Distance)
2. Women's Course - 2.8 to 3.2 miles or its metric equivalent 8000 meters. (NJCAA Approved Distance)
3. When laying out the course, consideration for the safety and welfare of the contestants should be a prime consideration. Tricky turns, extreme hills and other extreme conditions should be avoided.

Section VI
1. N.C.A.A. Cross Country Rules will apply.
2. Identical running shirts are required.
3. Unlimited entries will be accepted, however, a maximum of twelve (12) runners from each school will be permitted to enter the race.
4. The first five (5) runners of each team will count toward the team championships. In case of a tie, the N.C.A.A. Rules will apply.
5. The displacement method will be used.
6. Schools with less than five runners finishing the meet will not be scored in the team championships.

Section VII - Expenses
There will be an entry fee charged for either team or individual entries. The host college assumes all meet expenses.

Section VIII - Eligibility
All members of the GSAC are eligible to participate in this event.

Section IX - Course Inspection
The host college has no responsibility to show their course to visiting teams later than one hour prior to the scheduled starting time of the meet.

Date Approved: 5/01/90
Last Revision: 11/01/06